can I ever make it as a Youtuber?

Can I ever make it as a YouTuber?

As I already mentioned in my About page, one day I woke up and decided to become a Youtuber. At age of 44 🙂

Now the question is if I ever can make it as a YouTuber?

What do you think? Am I too old? …

My video creating experiences

Let me tell you that I do not have any experiences with creating videos. Ok, to be honest (as anybody) I made couple of videos with my smartphone. That is all. No advanced cutting, editing or publishing.
So I have to start from scratch and learn everything.

My personality

I am not a “stand up comedy” type of person, so I cannot become that kind of YouTuber who appears in his own videos and entertain other people.

I am not sure if this can be learnt. Maybe yes, but I am not willing to take this path. At least for now.

So what kind of videos can I create?

My equipment

For starting I only have my smartphone and I bought a video editing software from Movavi.

Will I need something more? Yes I will. That is for sure. But I will begin with what I have and as I will improve my video creating skills I plan to buy other stuff too.

And we are back to my original question

Can I ever make it as a YouTuber?

Well, this question has already been answered. I already am Youtuber!

As I write this post I already have my own YouTube channel Amazed Daily and I already have created 10 videos.

But another and more important question has appeared: Can I become a successful YouTuber?

Well, that is much harder to answer. As you can see anybody (even me) with smartphone can become a Youtuber. But to become a successful YouTuber is something very different.

And I am afraid that to answer this new question can only time. So we can discuss that in one or two years time. What do you think?

For now I am learning as much as I can and try to improve with every new video I create.