About Amazed Daily Project

My project Amazed Daily has been born for many reasons.

First reason was that I wanted to become a YouTuber 🙂

Well, this sounds little bit funny to me. Understand, when I am writting this I am 44 years old. When someone says a word YouTuber I imagine young people at age of 20 to 25 or even younger.

Anyway, desire is desire. One day I woke up with a clear idea that I would like to become YouTuber and so I created my YouTube channel Amazed Daily.

Second reason was that I wanted to spread a good mood.

Sometimes we are sad, unhappy or even depressed because “important” things in our lives are not as we want them. But when I look around me there are literally thousands of “small” things that amaze me every day, every hour.

I decided to start Amazed Daily YouTube channel with intention of capturing those precious moments that are real blessings with power to make us veeeery happy 🙂 All we need to do is to let them in and notice them.

My goal is to capture something interesting, wonderful or memorable each day.

Sometimes I might miss a day, sometimes there will be more videos during day.

Third reason to start this project was a challenge.

This challenge has two parts:

Part 1: Subscribers

I am curious if I am able to create videos good enough to attract new subscribers. And if yes, how many of them it can be?

Can I attract thousand, ten thousand or even million of subscribers?

We will see. But I would love to believe that I am able to attract 1 million subscribers 🙂 Fingers crossed!

I know I am a beginner only and my videos are not as good as I would love them to be. But I am learning each day and I am sure the quality will improve with time and practice.

Part 2: Finances

I love additional income streams. So any new passive income stream is always welcome. It is no secret that YouTubers can make money from their videos so why not me?

This part of challenge has become even more difficult from 2018 because YouTube has changed their monetization rules and any YouTube challenge must meet certain criteria (4,000 hours of viewed videos and 1,000 subscribers) during last 12 months to be eligible to make any money.